Use of Pop socket for YouTube videos

Youtube on phone

Have you noticed people’s phone with a circular disc on the back? Most likely, they have a pop socket. They’re in trend right now, especially for those who like to make YouTube videos. 

You may be wondering what a pop socket is and can it be removed?

What is a pop socket?

A pop socket is a circular disc that attaches to the back of your phone or the case with an adhesive. If you pull it out twice, the pop socket extends out much the same way an accordion does. This allows you to slip your fingers in between the pop socket and your phone so that you can have a tighter grip on your phone. If you are making videos and moving around a lot, you can drop and smash your smartphone. The pop socket allows you to have a firmer grip on the phone when moving around.

Can I reuse my pop socket?

If having a bulge on your phone bothers, you then don’t worry. Pop sockets are easy to install, reposition and remove whenever you want. You will notice that pop sockets come in two different parts: the base which is the adhesive disc and the pop-top, which is the design part. The pop-top portion easily comes off when you get tired of the look. Removing the base can be a little tricky, though.

Sunset captured on phone

If you want to remove the base completely you need to make sure the pop socket is flat, then you can peel it away from the case. If you happen to have trouble removing the pop socket a handy trick is to slide dental floss or a keycard underneath which will help to separate the adhesive.
Keep in mind that the adhesive might end up drying out over time. If this happens, you can rinse it and let the air dry. Don’t let it dry for over ten minutes.

How to use a pop socket

Although you may think that the pop socket has one purpose, it has many. Overall the pop socket makes it easier to do things with your phone.

Getting a better grip

Pop sockets are mainly used for better grip, which is useful for the bigger screened phones. If you are known for dropping your phone, or you are finding it hard to hold it when filming, pop sockets come in handy here.

Use it as a stand

When you want to playback the YouTube video before posting the pop sockets works well as a stand. You can attach two pop sockets to the back of your phone which allows the phone to stand better, but single ones work ok for the same thing.
If you have one pop socket, then you can pop it out twice and place the phone in landscape orientation. If you want to do this, then it works best to have your pop socket centred otherwise it will be unbalanced and will just fall over.

If you have a large device like a tablet, try and use two that are positioned off-centre at the bottom and the top. This will allow you to prop up the tablet on a table first. You can use the pop socket multi-purpose mount to hang the pop socket on a vertical surface. You can even get mounts for the pop socket for the windshield, vents and dashboard if you want to use it as a phone holder.

You may think pop sockets look silly and aren’t that important but if you are a YouTube video poster you will soon wonder why you never had one. Once you have used the pop socket you won’t want to go back.