The Best Tech Accessories of 2019

tech gadgets 2019

We are going further and further into the world of technology. It doesn’t matter whether you want some new tech like a phone popsocket or a new fully loaded TV for your living room. The year 2019 has come up with some new gadgets that are pretty life-changing! 

Lenovo smart clock with included Google assistant $79.99

Interactive screens are all the rave now. From Facebook portals to the Amazon echos – and even the Google Hub. The beauty of Lenovos smart clock is its simplicity. While it won’t stream TV or do a video conference, it covers all the bases for the bedside. It can charge your phone, tell the time and it will gently wake you up with a light that gradually brightens before the alarm sounds. By connecting it to a Google assistant, you can ask it to do so much more. It is stylish yet small with a grey case it is a helpful addition to any household.

Mophie Juice Pack Access $99.95

This is more of a practical gadget that has just come out this year. It is a portable charger case for Apple phones that doesn’t cover up the lightning port. Who doesn’t like funny phone accessories?! You can charge the phone while you are listening to headphones. This device gets it to power from the Qi wireless charging pad that is included with the charging cable and it will give you 31 hours of battery life. It has a sleek design and it is strong enough in order to protect the phone.

Waverly Ambassador Translator $109.00

Some of us have been cursed with monolingualism. You can blame the public school system for that one. Some are still travelling regardless of the language boundaries and are conversing with people in their town that speak different languages. Waverly Labs has now invented such an audio device that can translate for you right on the spot. There are different situations in the way to use it but it can be attached to your ear or your hand, you give the other one to the person who doesn’t speak your language where they can strap it on their head and start talking. It will translate in the correct language. There are plans for updates, but the basic early version is already on sale.

Temperature Control Mug $129.94

This mug is perfect for those people who need a morning coffee in order to function. It is a very basic set up and it uses an internal heating tech piece that keeps the beverage hot for an hour. You can say goodbye to the trips to reheat the beverage and even steep tea to the right temperature which is controlled through a Bluetooth app. This is all there is to it. The new 14-ounce mug is out now and is very helpful at keeping you alert and functioning.

Tech is growing and now, with self-driving cars hitting the streets soon, there is no doubt of the amount of new tech we are going to see in the future. Spend more time with the family and be able to communicate better with the new tech advancements that are already out. This is just the start of the list we are going to see more topping the charts as the year goes on.