Should you be a lawyer?

Being a lawyer is a respected profession, and many people dream of practising law. The most important aspect to consider is whether or not you are truly passionate about this career path. If you do not have a great interest in law, you will not enjoy or succeed in this field. New areas of law are constantly being created such new technologies giving rise to technology lawyers. Below are some reasons that you should consider studying law at university to become a lawyer. 

One of the top reasons why you should be a lawyer is that it is an exciting and honourable profession that invites continuous hard work and consistent learning. Many other professions are not as exciting to this extent as legal knowledge keeps widening and broadening with time. For instance, you have to gain knowledge continuously even after getting a degree in law. You will have to prepare for new and solid arguments to prove a client’s case. As the profession is directly linked with the real and practical world; you cannot stick to static ideas and understandings. It will motivate you to be competitive and knowledge-seeking all the time. It makes the profession fascinating and attractive because of all these reasons for excitement and growth.

Another reason why you should be a lawyer is that it is a noble cause. Career paths in law can extend to participating in human right advocating through legal representation of those that have had their basic human rights violated. You can also help individuals through becoming a legal aid lawyer to assist the less financially advantaged citizens with legal representation. 

Clients contact lawyers to help solve their situation and resolve their disputes. They are customers of a lawyer and can often pay a premium for these services. Therefore, you must appropriately assist, consult and guide them to take the right course of action that is the most effective and suitable for them. The nature of the profession forces you to be honest, upfront and empathetic as a requirement of the job. Thus, it is an ideal combination of nobility and responsibility. You will have to be competitive in fulfilling this requirement in your professional career. Becoming a consumer lawyer will force you to keep up with new legislation and you will have to argue your case convincingly, for example.

Working as a lawyer is a respected profession, and lots of prestige is associated with it. People admire this profession and lawyers have respect in society for the work that they do. Individuals can often remember many notable and famous lawyers who have a high status in society. Lawyers can earn higher fees from their client and their income varies significantly as per their expertise and experience. You will have to be selfless when doing your job and in return, you earn honour and respect from your clients. It shows that this profession leads to a win-win situation where clients, society, and lawyers benefit.

The reasons above should persuade you to pursue a career in law if the legal system is something that truly interests you. This profession combines various elements of life, including wealth, fame, prestige, empathy, and benefits for society. It also motivates and forces you to learn and acquire more knowledge continuously. Continuous attainment of knowledge and information is crucial to being competitive and it is very necessary for today’s world. Being competitive means remaining up-to-date and relevant to the contemporary world. Therefore, you should be a lawyer if you constantly crave self-improvement. Working in law offers a variation in the fields you can work in such as becoming a criminal lawyer, a family lawyer or a consumer lawyer, just to name a few. There are not many other professions that are intrinsically connected to helping others and society.