Australian Top Civil Engineering Firms

5 Best Civil Engineering Companies In Australia

Civil engineering professionals are responsible for the design and maintenance of large-scale constructions. These include buildings, bridges, and public stadiums, in addition to highways and roads. In Australia, potential civil engineers must complete a bachelor’s degree in engineering. Once they complete their degree, four decades of experience is required in the area before they can get an expert civil engineering licence.

Looking for a civil engineering job after graduation is one of the most significant things to do prior to graduating. This is because finding a civil engineering firm in which you fit in with the culture and the job will make a difference in your lifetime. Continue reading below to find the top ten civil engineering companies where recent university graduates in Australia can use to begin their careers.

1. ADCO Construction

ADCO has been in the construction industry for more than 50 years. It is one of the earliest and most well-established construction companies in Australia and its possession remains in Australian hands. Since the founding of the company, ADCO has grown to employ over 500 employees, developing over 3,500 jobs which cost a total of $14 billion in value. It has also been rated among Australia’s top 100 private companies.

This company puts a great emphasis on its clients. In fact, the company’s success is based on its long-established relationships with repeat clients. Interested civil engineering students may use to one of ADCO’s many open places, with titles ranging from site manager to project manager to the estimator.

2. BGC

This company originated from the 1960s and has since expanded and diversified in various regions of construction, such as the creation of construction materials, residential building, civil construction contracting, and property management. Today, BGC has turned into one of Australia’s top privately-owned construction businesses, employing over 2,000 people across Western Australia.

Civil engineers interested in working for BGC can use directly on the company’s careers page. They can also choose to specialise in among the company’s many business areas, such as commercial construction, construction materials, transport, and much more. Once hired, the worker can appreciate many of BGC’s advantages, such as discounted insurance policies for your automobile and home, vehicle discounts, and home loans.

3. Fulton Hogan

Founded in 1933, Fulton Hogan was the brainchild of Jules Fulton and Bob Hogan, who decided to work together to start their own contracting company. Many years later, the company has been one of the most successful engineering companies in Australia, employing almost 8000 people. The company also operates with growth in mind and recently moved into the concrete marketplace with the purchase of four concrete transportation and laboratory businesses.

Civil engineers working for your company can contribute to improving the quality of life for other Australians. The company takes staff jobs quite seriously, providing workers with the chance to grow and challenge themselves. Civil engineering students interested in applying to the company may benefit from the organization’s Graduate Leadership Programme, with the choice to specialise in one of four regions, that are infrastructure services, construction, finance, and utilities.


A recent coming with SMEC and the Surbana Jurong Group has produced a partnership firm that employs over 14,000 people around the world. The business was in operation for more than 40 decades, using their very first job being the iconic Snowy Mountains Hydroelectric Scheme, which was then the biggest infrastructure project in Australia.

Ever since that time, SMEC has expanded throughout the world and merged together with the Singaporean consulting firm in 2016. Civil engineers considering applying to SMEC can apply directly on the company’s website. Some benefits of working for SMEC include flexible working structures, special career development planning, parental leave, and corporate wellness plans.

5. John Holland

John Holland is a business specialising in property and infrastructure development, working to find answers to complex issues and to transform communities. The business originated in 1949 under the leadership of its own creator. It’s won numerous large scale infrastructure projects like the EastLink project, which was given as a joint venture together with Thiess.

Students interested in working for John Holland after graduation may apply directly on the organization’s website. The business offers a Graduate Programme for current graduates, as well as a focus to bring on more girls workers to enhance workplace equality.