2018’s Technology Impacts: Business Process Offshoring

The latest trends in technology have sparkle to the surface created a tremendous change in the business process outsourcing field. The BPO world has adapted faster to the advanced world of technology and started greeting the change enthusiastically to make operational delivery predictive and standardized.

Growing technology and its impact on the BPO allows having a clear understanding of the working tasks. Use of Big Data and thereby employing the analytic tools give a better business intuition of the type, frequency and toughness of a work which is coming in, and also how well and how it is addressed. This helps in the smooth – running of the operational delivery and meets the demands of the customers efficiently.

Technologies such as cloud computing, website analytics, and social media networks have a big role to play in this transformation. BPO companies that have a competitive edge in today’s scenario are the ones that leverage on the power of technology.

Let’s see how technology has changed the face of the Business Process Outsourcing industry:

  1. Cloud StorageThe world of cloud has made the process of storage increasingly organized, while data retrieval and sharing has become quick and easy. Businesses stay competitive by moving data to cloud, thereby eliminating the need for unnecessary space and storage, while also reducing the huge consumption of energy. Cloud computing has made the process increasingly systematized, while data retrieval & sharing has become easy and fast. Businesses even continuously stay competitive by moving data to the cloud, thus eliminating the need for unnecessary space and storage, while reducing the heavy energy consumption.
  2. Automated Systems: Customers in today’s market expect businesses to be technologically advanced and efficient. Growing leading-edge technology and its impact on the BPO allows a clear understanding of the operational challenges and tasks. Usage of Big Data and thus employing the analytic tools give a better business intuition of the frequency and toughness of a work, and also how effective it is addressed. Robotic process automation has also emerged as a new trend in Business process management sector offering high value creation with notable cost savings and fast time-to-value. The outsourcing service providers can dedicate their whole time in enhancing their service quality while automated systems will take the charge of the operations.
  3. Diverse platforms to reach customers: Gone are those days, where phone calls and emails were the only medium between the business, service provider and customers. Effective communication channels: instant messengers, mobile apps, social networking platforms, and video calls are growing rapidly. Mobile apps are one of the most preferred technologies playing a significant role in changing the way customers approach service providers to resolve any challenges.
  4. Big data and Analytics:Real time business intelligence is a critical line of business that can demarcate competition and enable companies to reach a desirable position. The Outsourcing service providers are moving forward by offering innovative and most effective business solutions through technology.

The BPO industry has had a dream run well over a decade and it has witnessed innovation and huge growth opportunities. Changes in the business environment and the development of new technologies are supposed to influence the BPO industry in the future. While typical and conservative approaches may no longer be effective, an innovative company relying on versatile and agile strategies can experience faster and more sustainable growth.